Latmedical is proud to offer Ossur’s prosthetics line. The application of Ossur’s award winning technology, expert design and biomechanical understanding, brings you comfort and performance without compromise.

Ossur’s prosthetics product line represents the best in modern prosthetics. The name Flex-Foot is synonymous with high performance carbon fiber feet, suitable for all ages and activity levels. The original silicone interface, Iceross, continues to revolutionize liner technology with the new Seal-In option, while Ossur’s prosthetic knees include the renowned Total Knee and Mauch hydraulic system for fluid, natural gait.

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We represent a state-of-the-art line providing a complete prosthetics solution. In this category you will find products such as:

  • Icreross
  • Sockets
  • Icelock
  • IceFlex
  • Standars adapters
  • Bionic Technology by Ossur
  • Mechanical knees
  • Flex-foot
  • Ossur junior solution
  • Total shock
  • Cosmetic finishing
  • Ossur PAM