Our partners are a key element for our success and for such reason Latmedical is committed to them.

We take great pride in our relationships with suppliers and distributors, because we know our business depends on them. Latmedical believes in conducting business with those business partners including suppliers, manufacturers, joint venture partners, agents, distributors and consultants, who embrace and demonstrate high standards of ethical business behavior. For such reason we establish partnerships with suppliers with a worldwide reach and providers of good products at affordable prices for our patients throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. We pride ourselves not only by carrying our partners’ products within our product portfolio, but also for distributing such products with latmedical’ distinguished distribution network. We work hand by hand with our suppliers and distributors.

Currently, latmedical represents the following companies for the Caribbean region: 

Innovation for Product Excellence and Development

latmedical is constantly searching for innovative approaches for optimizing our product mix. With the goal of maximizing and entirely satisfying our customers needs, we evaluate new alternatives to increase and better our product offering.

Our Research and Development efforts are propelled by our clients’ needs and wants, and latmedical is known for caring and listening to our clients. latmedical is committed to delivering quality of life all across Latin America and the Caribbean.