Products & Services

At Latmedical we focus on high-quality medical disposable products and supplies for the well-being of your patients as well as sophisticated braces and supports. We offer a market specific product mix to our customers, providing a complete and integral solution package.

Our diverse product categories and personalized portfolio treats and improves many of the day to day orthopedic and wound care related anomalies that your patients are facing today. We do this, by leveraging in our regional distribution network. By doing so, we can ensure that products are not only effectively delivered to the market place, but also educate and empower our customers.

Latmedical offers a complete solution in the following categories:
Compression Therapy
Non-Invasive Orthopedics
Wound Care and Patient

Contact Us

If your organization is in the medical field and wishes to to explore more about our company, and develop your business through Latmedical, we invite you to contact us via: mail, phone or email.

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