How we Got Started

We are a team of young professionals, with over 10 years of relevant experience in the medical and healthcare industry, in both Latin America and the Caribbean.

We have finally conceptualized an idea that had been in our minds for a very long time. During our numerous trips and meetings across these regions, we have found that the basic needs for providing healthcare and wellness solutions was not being properly attended.

Over the years, we have seen how large corporations take for granted the smaller markets, such as the Caribbean islands and Central America. Latmedical has experienced first-hand, how these large corporations make strategic decisions based on their own benefit, without considering local consequences and repercussions. It is clear that these entities prefer sourcing larger volume markets, and not providing the needed attention to smaller economies.

At Latmedical, we understand the present situation and we are willing to work tirelessly with our customers. We have been able to obtain the representation and distribution rights of high quality brands and state of the art products, for us to provide to our customers with the best product available and, most importantly to fulfill your current medical needs. That is how Latmedical was born.

We know that building customer satisfaction is crucial to our success. By providing our clients with high-quality products, on a timely manner, and with an exceptional after sales service, we will ultimately add value to your business and ensure the well-being of your patients. This is the essence of why Latmedical is in business, Because we Care.

Through our technology efficiencies and continuous improvement tools, we are able to determine the appropriate product mix for each market, and can quickly react to market innovations. By doing all this, we will be able to satisfy our clients needs appropriately.