Our Strategy

Latmedical will leverage on market knowledge, product offering, and reliability to achieve success in Latin America and the Caribbean and become the leader in the distribution, sales and marketing of medical disposable products. Our success will result in the success of our customers, and the exceptional increase of their overall performance.

Our objective is to run a stable and healthy business while helping others profit. We seek to increase our participation in your markets and better your bottom line by executing the following strategies:

Service Excellence:
Focus on all aspects of providing a customer oriented business: the product offering, the funding mechanism, the employee management system and the customer management programs.

Technology and Innovation:
Able to provide timely response to your needs, with our in-house information technology management systems.

Concentrated Marketing and Sales:
Support the commercialization of our brands, by participatingin the sales and marketing activities of our products through our authorized dealers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Supply Chain:
Add value to our customers and end users by designing, developing, planning and executing customized solutions based on the following supply chain principles:
A We connect our suppliers with optimal distributors, and constantly perform detail in-market evaluations to identify new market opportunities and growth potential.

We have established corporate relationships with national and international couriers, to provide optimal shipping services. We understand how important it is to meet deadlines, reason why we work with our customers and provide a complete logistics solution.
We are an excellence driven organization.